CEO Message

We strive to lead the industry in taking the initiative of preserving and sustaining clean and safe water supply. Never content with our past achievements, we continuously work harder towards improving our standards, enhancing operational effectiveness, managing Non Revenue Water (NRW) and ultimately provide value-added customer service. Leading the way towards the delivery of high quality services, the Company has attained recognition as the industry leader. Time and again, we have pioneered innovative solutions to attain the reputation of a world class water solutions provider. Today, deeply entrenched with a strong foundation, specialized business and operations intelligence and a progressive quality improvements team, we play a significant role in the optimization of water services to stakeholders and water operators. With this in mind, we will continue to play an integral role in water services development and management. Forging ahead and contributing towards the growth of the nation, we ultimately strive for better quality of life for mankind.

Khairul Effendy Tusam (Chief Executive Officer)

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Polis: 999

Bomba: 999

JPAM: 999

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